About Us

Surendra Hemant Education & Social Welfare Society is a versatile organization registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860whose main objective is to work and serve the weaker/neglected/minority communities for their benefit and to rehabilitate them resourcefully to induce them to compete with the global environment. Preferential areas of our society are to impart excellence in Scholastics and improve the medical condition to ensure the hygiene & thereby lower the mortality rate.

Surendra Hemant Education & Social Welfare Society through its units imparts various degree/diplomas/certificate courses n the field of Medical, Management, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Science, Humanities, and other respective relevant fields. The society also runs Hospitals to provide healthcare facilities to the citizens free of cost along with free distribution of medicines.

Teachers are truthfully and practically responsible for molding the future generations into a successful entity in front of the community. A Nation can grow enormously in the presence of inspiring tutelage practices of the teachers. This vision of the society has led to the establishment of Surendra B.Ed Teachers Training College.

The society owes its cosmopolitan character to the enrollment of more than 1000 students from allover the country. The students enrolled come from different walks of life and thus highlighting the diversity catered throughout the units of the society.

The contemplation behind Surendra B.ed Teachers training college is to simply create globally acclaimed teaching professionals who could guide the apprentices to attain success in their respective careers and profession.

SIKSHA is the counselling unit run and managed by Surendra Hemant Education and Social Welfare Society. Any receipt issued by Siksha is deemed to be legitimate and it is not invalid.