Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct in the premises

Students should be regular and attending classes, tutorials, practical and clinical. Students shall not be allowed for examination, if his progress conduct and attendance are not satisfactory.

75% of attendance in the theory, practical and clinical classes is compulsory.

Smoking, drinking (Alcohol) and use of non-medical drugs are strictly prohibited in College, hostel and hospital premises.

Damage of properties of institute, will be viewed very seriously and is likely to result in instant expulsion of the guilty student from the institute.

Ragging of students in any form is not allowed and defaulters will be expelled from the institute.

Every student shall carry on his identity card.

Students are bound by the Rules and Regulations farmed by the institute from time to time. Any violations of the rules are an act of indiscipline on the part of students shall result in disciplinary action leading to dismissal from the institute.

The principal/ management reserve the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student for failure to pay him college/ hostel dues in time.

The students are expected to read the notices put up on the notice board of the Institute. The Institute shall not accept any responsibility for loss due to student’s failure to read the notice in time.

Vehicle shall be parked & locked only in the area provided for the purpose. The Institute accepts no responsibility for their safe custody.

No students shall be allowed to appear for the university examinations unless he/ she has paid all his / her dues and completed his/ her work assigned to him/her.

The Management reserves the right to change any rules and provision given in their prospectus.

The Management reserves the right to cancel any admission, not fulfilling any condition of the admission without refunding the application fees.